Tuesday, August 1, 2017

After The Ratings Failure of "Blood Drive", What is The "SyFy Channel" Doing for an Encore?

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Why, a television series based on..."The Purge"...movies of course.

This one was a no-brainer for the..."SyFy Channel"... It was only a matter of time before the..."SyFy Channel"...would succumb to one of its irrational business urges and make a television series out of the box office flop..."The Purge"...

Mind you, the..."SyFy Channel"...hasn't been discouraged in the slightest over the ratings failure..."Blood Drive"....and this type of..."Mass Market Repugnant"....television programming.

This blog has said it before and will say it again ad infinitum...

If it's a box office flop, it will wind up as a low rated television series on the..."SyFy Channel"....

From a production standpoint, something like..."The Purge"...is of course a dream come true for the..."SyFy Channel"....

1. Low budget galore

2. El cheapo easy to apply gory makeup effects

3. One of those..."one small room on a soundstage"...type of productions the..."SyFy Channel"...is notorious for with minimal location shooting in Vancouver.

4. Scriptwriting that is easy as hell to roll off of the assembly line for the..."SyFy Channel"...

No imagination, gratuitous violence, basic melodrama written by 12 year olds, half exposed breast shots here and there, not one fresh or inspired idea to be found anywhere in a..."SyFy Channel"...production.

This blog's prediction: A low ratings nosedive immediately after the pilot.


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