Thursday, August 10, 2017

And Yet, After Admitting They Blew It With The Stupid Name Change, They Never Changed It Back

They also admit they could have done a better job representing the Science Fiction genre in years past. So, why didn't they do so in the past? Why did THEY (Universal Studios) even buy this channel in the first place if it was never their intention to properly represent the Science Fiction genre?

I'll tell you why. Deadbeat and lazy television executives working for Universal Studios with a snooty attitude towards Science Fiction got their hands on this channel and trashed it on purpose. Then they woke up only to the extent in realizing that the other cable channels and outlets were doing an infinitely better job in representing the Science Fiction genre ("Netflix" with "Stranger Things") than they were and making good money at it. So, SyFy then tried to emulate the other cable channels doing infinitely better than they were at Science Fiction television programming only to fall flat on their faces while attempting to do so because the problem really is, the same people who were at the SyFy Channel in the first place trashing it from day one are still there. The same snooty people with zero imagination and zero inspired thinking towards Science Fiction that got the SyFy Channel into trouble in the first place are still there.

The only solution to the SyFy Channel's problems is that these snooty people have got to go. Ideally, the SyFy Channel needs to be owned by an infinitely better corporation than the Godawful Universal Studios.

What this idiot Bill McGoldrick fails to understand ( in the link above) is that Science Fiction in media has never been..."niche"...Not for the past 40...fu*king....years.

It has been..."mainstream"...since 1977 when..."Star Wars"...came out. And it stayed..."mainstream"...after that through the...1980's....the...1990's....(when the idiotic Universal Studios bought the former..."Sci-Fi Channel"....), the....2000's....and presently the....2010's...

And he doesn't know that when it is supposed to be his job to know that? Toss him out and give his job to someone else who does know the basics of..."Science Fiction in Media 101"....

This Bill McGoldrick guy has been too busy farting around with..."Sharknado"...all of this time and wasting the shareholder's money while doing so.


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