Thursday, August 3, 2017

Where Did Universal Studios Find Its Latest Figurehead to Actually Not Produce Its "Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie" Announced Every Two Years In Its "Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases?"

Dylan Clark The Batman 

This guy inspires about as much confidence to bring about any sort of..."Battlestar Galactica" as did Michael DeLuca and Scott Stuber in Universal Studios..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Release"....from 18 months ago....

Michael De Luca Scott Stuber Battlestar 

This Dylan Clark looks like a recently fired actor from a..."Disney Channel"....sitcom...

Image result for disney channel sitcom 

I think one of the prerequisites to appearing as a figurehead in one of Universal Studios..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Releases"...every two years is that you have to look like you would never have the intellectual chops to actually make a..."Battlestar Galactica" This is certainly the case with....

1. Michael DeLuca
2. Scott Stuber
3. Dylan Clark

The three of them look stupid as hell which is convenient because the management at Universal Studios has always been stupid as hell as well. Great representation!!


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