Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This Blog Has Gone Into All of The Gory Details as to Why Universal Studios Should Never Have Owned "Battlestar Galactica" For The Past 39 Years

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There are other properties Universal Studios should never have owned as well...

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Nothing positive can ever be said about a cable channel that has suffered from nothing but an ongoing identity crisis since Universal Studios has owned and mismanaged it for the past 19 years. Universal Studios still owns it not because it has been financially successful for them for the past 19 consecutive years (it hasn't), but rather because Universal Studios simply refuses to sell it to another corporation that could do infinitely better in managing it than they ever could.

Universal Studios has thrown everything and the kitchen sink into mismanaging this channel  for the past 19 years, culminating with Universal Studios noticing that the other cable channels are doing infinitely better than they are with Science Fiction television programming and then publicly admitting that perhaps they need to be doing Science Fiction television programming as well since they do own what has supposed to be a Science Fiction channel for the past 19 years. After admitting that..."SyFy"...still isn't a Science Fiction channel and their programming still sucks overall.

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"Dream On"...starring Brian Benben in addition to being one of the greatest sitcoms of the 1990's also starred one of the most gifted, overlooked, and underrated comedic actors ever...Brian Benben. This blog places Brian Benben in the same comic category as the late John Ritter, Dick Van Dyke, and the late Robin Williams. So, it comes as no surprise that when Universal Studios got around to releasing the first two seasons of this legendary sitcom on DVD a decade ago, it went no further and never released the remaining seasons. A status quo tragedy of epic proportions which is nothing new because Universal Studios was involved. This blog would also like to give the great Michael McKean meritorious mention as the hilarious Gibby Fisk.

Another four seasons to go.

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Another great and hilarious sitcom from the 1990's that Universal Studios only released the first two seasons of.  Another meritorious mention to Lee Tergeson as the hilarious Chett. 

Another three seasons to go.

As we all know and will continue to know, these three examples of Universal Studios mismanaging properties is just the tip of the iceberg of all of the other stupid things they have done in the past.


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