Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Give Ronald D. Moore And SyFy Channel One Final Round of Applause

Wishful thinking is prompting me to think that because the God awful "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie is apparently dead in the water, the curtain may also be coming down on the entire Ronald D. Moore - SyFy Channel partnership that lasted half a decade too long. Yes, Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel deserve one final round of applause. A round of applause signifying the long overdue end to the most disastrous, untalented, mean spirited, self indulgent (for Moore & SyFy Channel), contemptuous disregard for the "Battlestar Galactica" source material, and collossal waste of time...of a television programming partnership in the history of broadcasting.

Did I also mention that everything Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel did together was boring as hell? Their programming was boring has hell because they did television programming for all of the wrong reasons. They cranked out their trilogy of embarrassment ("GINO", "Caprica", and "Blood & Chrome") not because of any desire to entertain the television viewing audience, but to rather preserve the longevity of the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright in the hands of NBC-Universal. They preserved the copyright with trashy television programming so they could park their corporate ass on top of the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright in order to spend another 30 years not doing anything constructive with it. And everyone in the industry and outside of NBC-Universal wondered why "GINO" proceeded on ahead as a mini series and eventual 4 year low rated series despite the lowest audience test scores in television history for the "GINO" (Galactica in Name Only) mini series.

Did everyone miss the obvious nuts and bolts within the Ronald D. Moore / SyFy Channel partnership? That all of Moore's "Galactica" named series were obviously one gigantic favor done for him by the SyFy Channel? That no matter how untalented Ronald D. Moore was / is as a television producer and scriptwriter, that he was going to get his inexplicable air time on the former Sci-Fi Channel anyway.

Did everyone miss the other obvious nuts and bolts within the Ronald D. Moore / SyFy Channel as well? Even discernable and viewable from the distant vantage point of the public domain? That it was a relationship corporate as hell and political as hell? Even to the point of Bonnie Hammer making permanent, self damaging statements as..."The fans can't drive the creative process." And Ronald D. Moore making such permanent, self damaging statements as..."television series aren't made based upon poll data from a fanbase." (I'm sure Comcast would love to hear about that one.)

What did Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel do instead? They made two television series ("GINO", "Caprica") that the public hated, and almost broadcast a God awful television movie ("Blood & Chrome") the public was also destined to hate. And all of these productions were based upon the initial "GINO" mini series back in 2003 which received the lowest audience test scores in television history. The implication being, that the only way NBC-Universal and SyFy Channel could achieve their various...internal corporate agendas in the decade of the 2000s...was to get the public to hate their television programming.

There were other things that made the partnership of Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel a serious liability to the very notion of televised entertainment. Ronald D. Moore possessed no mass market or creative instincts whatsoever. Neither did  the SyFy Channel. Neither one of them had their fingers on the pulse of what cable audiences wanted to see. Neither one of them were schooled in the art of good drama and even comedy. Neither one of them had a theatrical and / or artsy background whatsoever. And both of them had an absolute contempt for the fanbase of the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series.

Let the curtain come down on the Ronald D. Moore / SyFy Channel partnership once and for all.

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