Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet The Show That Put Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" Out of Business

Sometimes the pleasures in life come in small doses...A chocolate chip cookie...Not wearing briefs under baggy shorts while enjoying a cool autumn breeze...and acquainting myself with the upcoming television series that put Ronald D. Moore and his much dreaded class reunion with Tricia Helfer and James Callis out of business. Sometimes you beg for a bullet to derail a television series in the works. In this instance the bullet came in the form of "Grimm" putting Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" out of business for good.

This may have been the first indication for us that the newly managed NBC-TV by Comcast does not share the same love affair with Ronald D. Moore that the former NBC did. The second apparent indication of course, that Comcast feels no love towards Ronald D. that the SyFy Channel they are now managing apparently put the breaks on the "Blood & Chrome" pilot film.

I haven't seen "Grimm" yet...none of us have. But I already love the show for the simple fact that it derailed Ronald D. Moore's similarly themed "17th Precinct." Any television series and / or chain of events that limits Ronald D. Moore's exposure on commercial or cable television can only be looked upon as..."a gift from above"...You see, if Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" had been allowed to go forward, Ronald D. Moore would have resumed repeating the same mistakes as a television producer he always makes when he is allowed to "run with a project." Mistakes he never learns from and never course corrects away from.

1. Conceiving characters that the mass market television audience does not find attractive in the slightest.

2. An ill-conceived format that was not thought out well enough in advance.

3. Ronald D. Moore's abstinance from diversity when casting his television series. The same damn people keep popping up in all of his shows.

4. The total lack of a sense of humor in his television series, and an over emphasis on the woes of human existence.

5. His ever revolving "Rogues Gallery of Returning Cast Members" would get beaten in acting competitions by any high school drama club.

Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions here, but what I am seeing from new corporate owner Comcast in their new ownership of NBC-TV and SyFy Channel (Bypassing "17th Precinct" for "Grimm"...apparently derailing the "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie) are early indications of honest to God....level headed management from Comcast. Level headed management that has no love affair going on with Ronald D. Moore. Why should they love the guy? His abyssmal track record with the SyFy Channel speaks for itself.

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