Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whenever I Think of The Business Aspirations of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, And Mark Stern...I Always Think of "Old Chicago"

quote - "Old Chicago was a combination shopping mall and indoor amusement park that existed in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois, from 1975 until 1980. It was billed as "The world's first indoor amusement park", and it was intended to draw visitors all year round, rain or shine. It opened to great fanfare and over 15,000 visitors on June 17, 1975, with an enormous building that housed major rides, such as a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel, as well as a turn-of-the-century themed shopping mall. However, only six months after opening, the complex ran into financial troubles due to construction cost overruns. The opening of a competing amusement park in the same general region hurt attendance, and the lack of large anchor stores failed to draw enough local and repeat shoppers. Despite management changes, the center continued to lose money. By 1978, the mall began closing on Mondays and Tuesdays and in early 1980 the entire amusement park shut down and the rides were sold, only five years after opening. Efforts to find alternative uses for the huge building failed, and the structure was demolished in the spring of 1986." - unquote

Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern have that same sort of..."Quasi-Shopping Mall...Off Kilter Business Mentality"...going on between the three of them. A sort of..."The world be damned!! We're steamrolling forward with our business ideas whether it works or not!!"....arrogance going on between the three of them.

The SyFy Channel has mutated into this sort mall...of clashing (and shitty) programming ideas with an on-air identity crisis. The present owners (NBC-Universal) have no clue as to what direction to take the channel in...and neither does Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern. The SyFy Channel also has always had this sort of...imminent....going out of business...wrecking ball....vibe to it thanks to Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern.

...As if the plumbing and the electrical wiring have always been clogged and exposed.

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