Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SyFy Channel is The Laziest Cable Channel on Earth

How hard was it for the SyFy Channel to get their hands on a copy of "Devil's Advocate" scheduled to be broadcast tonight? How hard did they try? Did they buy a used or new copy on Amazon.com? Or did they buy a used or new copy from "F.Y.E." video stores?

It's becoming increasingly apparent that as the SyFy Channel continues to de-evolve into the cheapo operation it was destined to become under the assured hands of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern, that anything not originally produced by them is easy as hell (no pun intended) to get their hands on. Such as "Hostel 2" and "Devil's Advocate." A 14 year old adolescent could easily emulate the lazy programming habits of the SyFy Channel be merely finding any of these cheapo movies to watch on-line. And they could watch them on-line without the commercial breaks and God-awful bumpers on the SyFy Channel.

I think the SyFy Channel has finally figured out for themselves that the more sleazy and in poor taste a movie is (Hostel 2, Devil's Advocate)...the easier it is for them to get their hands on it for eventual broadcast. And no doubt these movies are cheap as hell for the SyFy Channel to purchase.

SyFy Channel has become an ambiguous...sleazoid cable channel because the abundance of sleaze (Hostel 2, Devil's Advocate) out there is like a giant candy store for Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern.
Crap is readily available for them to schedule for broadcast on the SyFy Channel in record time. If the SyFy Channel had a more challenging on-air persona to deal with...such as having an actual, discernable identity such as an honest to gosh Science Fiction identity...Hammer, Howe, and Stern wouldn't be able to deal with it because such an identity would require cerebral intellectualism in the programming department.

This is the laborious, mighty plan Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern had in mind for the SyFy Channel all along...

A lazy, junk food cable channel

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