Monday, December 26, 2011

According to Universal Studios Stealth Marketers Such As Russell Sanders, You're In a Delusional State of Mind If You Notice That This DVD Set Is a "Hunk of Junk"

According to Universal Studios stealth marketers such as Russell Sanders, you're in a delusional state of mind if you notice what is physically in front of you with this DVD set:

1. That many discs are cracked.
2. That many discs can't be pried from their storage trays.
3. That many discs freeze in play mode.
4. That many episodes weren't digitally remastered.
5. That the pilot episode, "Saga of a Star World" is in terrible condition on this DVD set.

According to Universal Studios stealth marketer Russell Sanders, the manufacturer of this atrocious DVD set merely "did the best job he could do under the circumstances and resources available to him at the time."

Oooohh, poor baby. Would the manufacturer of this DVD set like a glass of warm milk and cookies before the consumers who were suckered into buying this DVD set (by Universal Studios) tuck him in for the night?

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