Monday, December 12, 2011

Bryan Singer And Ronald D. Moore Are Career Killers of Actors


Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore haven't just killed their own careers due to their general all around lack of talent in producing and directing, and ultimately associating with Universal Studios / NBC-TV / SyFy Channel because of it. They also have had a knack for killing the careers of every actor who has ever starred in one of their productions.

Let's start with Bryan Singer, shall we?

Brandon Routh - Remember him? Bryan Singer's own "Man of Steel" in the 2006 flop "Superman Returns." The last I heard of him, he had starred in some direct to DVD release about a "Kolchak-esque" character in a supernatural story of some sort. His present acting career? D.O.A. unless he's doing theater. Of course, it didn't help Brandon Routh's future career prospects that in this movie he had less than a paragraph of dialogue, in a 2.5 hour movie!! Bryan Singer didn't catch that in the dailies (rushes) before "Superman Returns" moved into post production? He didn't even catch that during actual filming? "Hey script girl!! Let's improvise some additional dialogue here for "Supes!!"

Kate Bonsworth - Remember her? Bryan Singer's own "Lois Lane" in the 2006 flop "Superman Returns." Her present acting career? D.O.A. unless she's doing theater.

James Marsden - Remember him? I barely do.

Parker Posey - Remember her? I barely do.

Frank Langella - Remember him? I barely do.

Let's conclude with Ronald D. Moore shall we?

Edward James Olmos - Yes, he has killed his own career with "oodles of frowning" over the years, but the fact remains that playing Commander Adama in Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" hasn't helped him move on to bigger and better things either.

Katee Sackhoff - Last I heard, she was opening a "pizzeria" somewhere.

Tricia Helfer - Tricia, where are you?

Jamie Bamber - Ditto

Mary McDonnell - Ditto

If I were an actor looking for work, I would give it serious second thought about being cast in Bryan Singer's "Munster's" remake, or any future project any movie studio would be insane enough to let Ronald D. Moore do.

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