Thursday, December 15, 2011

Want a Good Laugh? Read Russell Sanders "Stealth Marketing Reviews" of These Books He Fears So Much

Russell Sanders "primal screams" underneath one of the door knockers of the Universal Studios "Black Tower." Where his precious "thug friends" work.

It's called "fight or flight." When a corporation and / or individuals are backed into a corner due to "damning" overwhelming evidence against them, and choose to "fight" because they can't "flight."

This guy has had serious mental health issues his entire life, in no small part due to the fact that he just couldn't accept the fact that he and his buddies at Universal Studios were caught doing things to the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright they feel they never should have been caught doing.

Russell Sanders "stealth marketing motivated" reviews of these books over the years have always had a "manic desperation" about them, as if it was / is a matter of life or death to him that his "stealth marketing motivated" reviews of these books clear his friends at Universal Studios of any wrong doing. And he will say anything in these "stealth marketing motivated" reviews of his to try and achieve this. Even sling around his archaic "mental illness" accusations.

What has been very clear over the years, is that Russell Sanders has been "obsessively preoccupied" with these books over the years, to the point of obsessively hunting down every incarnation of these books over the years, in order to leave his "stealth marketing stamp of insanity" in every bogus review he conjures up for these books. No manifestation of love and protectiveness for his friends at the "Universal Studios Black Tower" has been too great for Russell Sanders. Up to and including using himself as a "human shield" for his friends at the "Universal Studios Black Tower" via these psychotic book reviews of his.

In one of his insane reviews of one of these books, (one of the reviews he obviously wasn't thinking about while typing it in a state of "manic panic") he irrationally states that "there is no such thing as an eyewitness unless the eyewitness interviews the perpetrators first." Oh really? Where does that leave eyewitnesses of car crashes or innocent bystanders being pepper sprayed? According to Russell Sanders deranged logic, the eyewitness has to know (interview) the driver of the crashing car personally, or has to know (interview) the police officer doing the pepper spraying personally, before the eyewitness can be "officially declared"...."an eyewitness."

Of course, in all of Russell Sanders "stealth marketing reviews" of these books, he has never stated and addressed the blatant, overwhelming obvious of the wrongdoing committed by his friends at the "Universal Studios Black Tower."

1. They have been slamming the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series for the past 33 years.
2. They keep announcing new "Galactica" movies every two years yet never follow through.
3. They deliberately released a damaged "Galactica" DVD set in October 2003.
4. They deliberately released poor quality VHS tapes of the series in the 1980s.
5. They deliberately ripped apart the episodes for telemovie syndication in the early 1980s.
6. They deliberately ignored the revitalized syndication market in 1987 caused by the new "Star Trek."

Despite this and all other damning evidence against his friends at the "Universal Studios Black Tower", Russell Sanders still clings to his deranged psychoses that pointing out such "overwhelmingly obvious" matters is an indication of mental illness. I don't see the connection myself but Russell Sanders always has in his "deranged stealth marketing la-la land."

The matters stated above actually, physically happened in this world of ours, from 1979 to 2011. Yet Russell Sanders will label anyone with a "mental illness accusation" for pointing out that they did. This is denial on his part, this is a crude attempt at "sweeping under the rug" on his part. It's also getting quite "archaic" at this late date, isn't it? You would think by this late date Russell Sanders would have come up with a more imaginative excuse for trying to cover for his buddies at the "Universal Studios Black Tower."

The "mental illness" accusation never goes out of style with Russell Sanders because it remains in the "Universal Studios Stealth Marketing Playbook", and Russell Sanders still receives his marching orders from his buddies at the "Universal Studios Black Tower."

Side Note

Why is Russell Sanders worrying about how many books have been sold? Hmmmm?

I like how he tries to console himself...

"At the most, I think Lang has sold 20 copies. Coming out to be .03 cents an hour."

His naivete continues to know no bounds, as well as his obvious association with Universal Studios.

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