Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bryan Singer Is a Sitcom Director In a Movie Man's World

Maybe it's just as well that Bryan Singer is heading towards his destiny. As a re-boot director of old half hour sitcoms. Because "Superman Returns" proved that Bryan Singer had about 22 minutes of story stretched out into a 2.5 hours running time. Superman returned to Earth and Lex Luthor was really pissed off at him. Thus, Bryan Singer isn't up to the challenge of multi-million dollar movies where a story extends beyond the usual sitcom running time of 22 minutes.

I can just imagine with horror what a Bryan Singer directed "Battlestar Galactica" movie would be like if he and Universal Studios actually expressed some adult responsibility and followed through in making one. The "Cylons" attack the "Galactica" and the "Rag-Tag Fleet" (a two minute special effects sequence at the most) with a 2.5 hours running time of everyone talking about what just happened. Every character having less than a paragraph of dialogue, but when you string the dialogue together you should have enough dialogue to cover the entire movie.

Even if "The Munsters" is a flop for NBC-TV (and it will be), I suspect that NBC-TV will want to keep Bryan Singer around in order to re-boot other old sitcoms this idiotic corporation has an appetite for. Yes sir. Bryan Singer is now the "new flavor of the month" for Universal Studios / NBC-TV / SyFy Channel. One of those producers / directors who has been "below average moderately successful" in Hollywood for years but who, for some reason is suddenly regarded as "fabulously wonderful" by Universal Studios / NBC-TV / SyFy Channel and someone Universal Studios / NBC-TV / SyFy Channel wants to irrationally keep "in-house" as a "ready to go" producer / director for their latest asinine projects, such as "The Munsters." Someone had to pick up the "flaming torch" and carry on the tradition inaugurated and left behind by Ronald D. Moore and "by golly!!" Bryan Singer is it!!

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