Thursday, April 11, 2013

If The SyFy Channel Comes Up With New Programming at all, it Will Be More Along These Lines...



Ghosts in Your Pipes - The "Ghost Hunters" team returns in this all new series focusing on paranormal phenomenon, apparitions, and ectoplasmic residue in your plumbing. You don't "flush" until the "Ghost Hunters" say "flush."
Radioactive Food - The SyFy Channel asks the immortal question every week..."What would happen to people genetically if they ate food prepared inside of a nuclear reactor facility?"

Turn That Frown...Upside Down - In this exciting new reality show, stand-up comedian wannabes will compete to try and make Edward James Olmos laugh. As an added challenge, Edward James Olmos will be shown old newsreel footage of the "Hindenburg" going up in flames before each stand-up comedian tries to make Edward James Olmos smile and laugh.
Hogan's Heroes: Alpha Centurai - The SyFy Channel will kill an hour of television every week by having the most renowned Science Fiction authors from Vancouver, British Columbia explain why they believe the cast members from "Hogan's Heroes" are alive, well, and are now research scientists at "Area 51" rescued from old age by "Youth Radiation" taken from a crashed UFO. The host will be Rick Dees.

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