Saturday, April 27, 2013

Universal Studios "Oblivion" Suffers a 62% Loss in Business Since Last Week


Wasn't I just saying the other day that nothing Universal Studios puts out in the Science Fiction genre ever has any staying power?

And wasn't I also saying the other day that this is where "Oblivion" will ultimately end up?


The process is already beginning (after 1 week!!) where the public is already forgetting about the latest attempt at Science Fiction ("Oblivion") by Universal Studios. Soon, "Defiance" will be in this discount DVD bin as well...joining "GINO"...."Caprica"...."Blood & Chrome"...."Ice Spiders"...."Frankenfish"...."Gatorade"...."Area 51"....and "Sharktopus."

When you "Corporatize" (Crap-tize) Science Fiction via sucking all of the life and imagination out of it the way Universal Studios (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) always does in its patented second nature sort of way (both on television and in the movies), all of your productions will always end up in the discount DVD bin above....mixed in with "Bugs Bunny" and "Strawberry Shortcake."


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