Friday, April 26, 2013

While Universal Studios "Oblivion" Enjoyed a Strong Opening Weekend Due to No Other New Movies Competing With it..



Let's continue to analyze why NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel always fails at putting Science Fiction and Space Fantasy on movie and television screens...

1. This corporation (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) always retreads one theme and one theme only in all of its supposed Science Fiction productions for movie and television screens. The "Post - Apocalyptic Doom & Gloom...Everybody Wears Leather Jackets / Leather Jumpsuits / Three Piece Business Suits" scenarios. Not only has this corporation beaten this scenario to death with endless retreads on movies and television, but it has also beaten this scenario back to comatose, zombie life.

2. The SyFy Channel (in its endless naivete) still honestly believes that 14 year old boys who play video games will jump for joy if they see their favorite video games incarnated as a crappy mini-series or crappy 13 episode series on the SyFy Channel. It will never happen. 14 year old boys (and adults) just want to play their video games. Oh yeah, and consumers aren't the slightest bit interested in including the SyFy Channel in on the action.

3. You can't put crappy television programming on the air 99% of the time (WWF Wrestling, "Chico's Cosmic Kitchen, Weekly, trashy monster movies)...on what is supposed to be a science fiction channel...(as the SyFy Channel loves to do)...and then occasionally take a step in the right direction (1% of the time) with programming that appears to be the right thing to do...("Defiance")...and then expect television viewers en masse to spontaneously come back to your channel. That's not the way human nature of consumers is constructed. You screw them (consumers) once, and they will retaliate by screwing you forever. Once Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern drove away all of the former viewers of the former and great Sci-Fi Channel, they lost those viewers...forever.

4. NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel (if it wants to make serious money) needs to start exploring themes in Science Fiction that have rarely (if at all) been explored before. The happy, optimistic future. Fresh, new, and inspired concepts that aren't retreads of "Blade Runner", "Total Recall", "The Thing." Characters that are happy and well adjusted instead of "Manic-Depressive Sociopaths" -  The common characters of all NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel movie and television productions Science Fiction related.

5. NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel needs to stop having delusions of honestly believing they are cerebrally capable of building a Science Fiction franchise of some sort in the movies or television...with the present corporate staff they are stuck with currently working in the "Universal Studios Black Tower." These people have no talent and imagination whatsoever and couldn't "kick-start" a "Lemonade Stand Business" for a bunch of pre-schoolers.


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