Saturday, April 27, 2013

Universal Studios Can Start With Restoring The "6-Hour Pilot Version" of "Saga of a Star World" if it Wants to Learn How to Do Science Fiction Properly

What other deleted scenes (actually filmed) for "Saga of a Star World" were never seen by the general public...thanks to Glen A. Larson and ABC-TV taking a chain saw to all of the footage that Richard A. Colla originally shot?

1. Actor Jim Peck reporting on the progress of the armistice instead of Jane Seymour.

2. Starbuck storming the bridge immediately after crash landing and demanding to know why Adama and Tigh pulled the Galactica out of battle.

3. Baltar surveying the surface of Caprica after the Cylon attack and threatening Adama during a conversation while two Cylons stood on either side of him.

4. Baltar surveying the interior of a destroyed home on the surface of Caprica, probably his own.

5. Additional scenes of Serina involving her illness.

6. Starbuck's card game seamlessly intercut with Apollo and Zac discovering the hidden Cylon attack force.

7. Lots of extra footage of the Ovions and Queen Lotay

8. The escape from Carillon (as originally shot by Richard A. Colla) with the Colonial Warriors wearing their battle uniforms instead of their dress uniforms.

9. Extra footage of the Carillon casino involving long panning shots and close-ups of the various alien creatures.

10. The complete scene of Sire Anton accusing Sire Uri of hoarding food and how he should be brought up on charges for doing so...and then the scene seamlessly blends into Apollo entering the discussion and how the fleet should traverse the "Nova of Madagon."

Yeah, I know. Universal Studios burned all of this extra footage decades ago.


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