Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whatever Became of....The SyFy Channel?

Bystander #1: "All I know is...the channel just went belly-up. It happened so suddenly. Just last night...I was watching "Chico's Cosmic Kitchen" and then...nothing. When I got up this morning and sat down with my sausage bagel and coffee...I went to the numbered channel SyFy Channel was usually on, and then.... "Poof!!"".....It's now a lingerie shopping channel."

Bystander #2: "There has been rumor...innuendo....here say. Last I heard, Bonnie Hammer is in spiritual retreat in Africa...David Howe is writing his memoirs....and Mark Stern is producing a game show / sitcom pilot."

Bystander #3: "I for one am furious!! I want to know why there has been no mention of it, not even on "Google" news!! Not even a damn "Tweet" from anybody!! Is there no mercy in the world?? Rest assured, I'm going to give Bill O'Reilly a piece of my mind!!"

Bystander #4: "Are there no slaughter houses and work prisons...to decrease the surplus population??"

Fourth quote courtesy of......."Charles Dickens Christmas Carol."


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