Monday, August 12, 2013

Did You Ever Notice That The "Three Least Talented Entities" in The Science Fiction / Fantasy Arenas Are Also The Least Versatile?

What do you get when people who are not Science Fiction fans and have no business owning and managing what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel end up doing just that through a cruel twist of fate? You end up with NBC-Universal's steaming pile of dog feces known as the SyFy Channel. The people who own and run this trash heap of a cable channel have made it very clear that there is not a whole hell of a lot they know how to do as television programmers....and what little they do know how to do as television programmers (no matter how crappy)...they stick to this losing routine like glue. The SyFy Channel will never demonstrate versatility in television programming because they don't know how to do so, and they lack the corporate talent.

1. Crappy Monster Movies - Yes, the SyFy Channel knows how to make crappy monster movies, involuntarily. It doesn't know how to make good monster movies so it keeps cranking out the crap. Contrary to the meaningless Internet buzz, "Sharknado" was not the exception to the rule.

2. Reality Programming - The SyFy Channel's reality programming is always worse than the crappy standards of everyone else's reality programming.

I think one of the reasons why Bryan Singer has so many abandoned projects involving a wide range of subject matter in his career (the list I keep reposting on my blog [important information!!]) is that Bryan Singer doesn't know how to make anything except boring "X-Men" movies. The only things Bryan Singer knows how to make are boring "X-Men" movies. He doesn't know how to make an "Excalibur" movie...or a "Battlestar Galactica" movie....or a "Twilight Zone" reboot for CBS-TV... or a "Six Million Dollar Man" reboot. Without a doubt, Bryan Singer is the least versatile director / producer perhaps in all of Hollywood's history. He is unable to adapt himself to other projects when he leaves the confines of what he is the most comfortable doing.... Making boring "X-Men" movies.  He tried making a "Superman" movie (his rare fantasy excursion beyond "X-Men"), but the "Superman" character just went completely over his head.

I dare say there is not one area in Science Fiction television programming Ronald D. Moore excels at. This guy doesn't know how to do anything right in Science Fiction / Fantasy. He sent the "Battlestar Galactica" brand name into the crapper and his only area of expertise he can call his own is producing sub-standard television pilots that never get picked up. Except of course, when his Mom & Dad (SyFy Channel) buy something from him.


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