Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a Safe Bet That The SyFy Channel Will Never...Ever Earn a Favorable Review From Anybody. "Wost Station on Cable?" You Bet!!

Science Fiction fans were never, ever referred to as "Geeks living in their parents basements" until NBC-Universal and Bonnie Hammer (Corporate Racists against the Science Fiction fan community) came along and tried to pin that NBC invented stereotype on Science Fiction fans....At the same time they began "gutting" the former "Sci-Fi Channel" of any intelligence, wit, and imagination.

Quite frankly, of all of the corporate parents the former "Sci-Fi Channel" could have ended up with, NBC-Universal was and is the wrong corporation for the job, and the wrong corporation to still be owning this network. They have and had no business purchasing and mismanaging this network for any reason.

I would even prefer to have Science Fiction supplied to me by the "ESPN" Network.


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