Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So...How Goes The Daily Grind at The Low Budget, "Welfare Joe", "Salvation Army" Cable Channel Known as SyFy?

The SyFy Channel!! Where not only the budget isn't there for anything decent, but also neither is the imagination!!

Where the SyFy Channel obtains all of its wardrobe items in bulk for all of its originally produced television series and movies.

Where the miniscule audiences of SyFy Channel, Bryan Singer, and Ronald D. Moore reside. In trailer parks across the country.

...And the typical audience member of SyFy Channel, Bryan Singer, and Ronald D. Moore. "Joe The Plumber" types.

SyFy Channel executives faced a conundrum. Since they aren't intelligent and imaginative themselves, how do they stay in business as a cable network? Why, they go after demographic groups who are more stupid than they are (if that's even possible.) Thus, they won't notice how stupid you are as television programmers. As a result, SyFy Channel has successfully nabbed the miniscule "Trailer Park, World Wrestling Federation, Snot Picking, Beer Guzzling, Sandal Flip-Flopping, Lawn Mower Engine in The Bath Tub".....Demographic.


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