Monday, August 5, 2013

Isn't it "Predictably Interesting" That The Worst Cable Channel of All Time (SyFy Channel) Ended Up Doing Business With The Worst Film Studio of All Time (Asylum Films?)

Ahhh, yes!! "Asylum Films!!" The crackpot, low budget schlocky movie studio the "pip-squeaks" at the SyFy Channel have loved to do business with since the late 1990s. "Asylum Films" of course, has been the primary provider of the "Bonnie Hammer era of SyFy Channel crap programming" ever since this unfortunate era began. Up to and including...the current steaming manifestation of bowel discharge infamously known as...."Sharknado."

Isn't it interesting how the worst cable channel in history (SyFy) ended up doing business with the worst movie studio in history (Asylum Films?).... It had to have been...DESTINY!!

Asylum films of course, aside from making the SyFy Channel's crappy monster movies, is also known for getting itself into legal trouble with other movie studios for ripping off their original movie ideas. Hey!! Why should such a minor little character glitch in management ever prevent the SyFy Channel from doing business with them? After all, SyFy Channel management has never been known for having "Divine Halos" above their heads either!!

SyFy Channel and Asylum Films should just rent a room together and call it a night!!

The running gag in the slums of Hollywood has been...The SyFy Channel and Asylum Films produce crappy movies in a "" sort of way. The reality is...SyFy Channel and Asylum Films really can't produce good movies together (worth a shit) because both entities lack creative management talent. So both SyFy Channel and Asylum Films in a feeble attempt to try and cover themselves...have tried to make a big joke out of it. Trying to play up their weaknesses with steroids (stealth marketing, planted "Sharknado" reviews) since they both have no management strengths to speak of.


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