Monday, August 26, 2013

I See The SyFy Channel Hasn't Lost Its Flair For Sparkling and Imaginative Wardrobes in All of Its Productions

There is a definite deranged philosophy at work in the area of wardrobe for all of the actors in SyFy Channel original productions:

1. Keep the wardrobe in all SyFy Channel productions grungy and below middle class.

2. Never use bright and happy colors in the wardrobes of SyFy Channel productions. We never want to be known as a "Happy Network." We always want to be the "Dark...Gritty...and Manic Depressive / Bi-Polar Network."

3. Wardrobe items for all SyFy Channel productions should either be "Salvation Army Accessible" or "Local Shopping Mall Acessible."

4. Wardrobe items for all SyFy Channel productions will never be originally and imaginatively designed items. It would cost too much money to hire professional costume designers to do that.

5. Wardrobe items in all SyFy Channel original productions will be identical regardless of originally produced movies or tv shows.


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