Friday, August 16, 2013

"Sharknado: The Second One??" That's The Best Sequel Title The "Einsteins" at The SyFy Channel Could Come Up With??


Let me get this straight. Out of the thousands of submissions for a sequel title to "Sharknado" SyFy Channel received, this is the title they chose??

I am once again proven correct that this cable channel is run by people with absolutely no imagination and no inspired thinking whatsoever.

No doubt SyFy Channel received submissions more imaginative than "The Second One." But the people running this channel simply didn't have it within them (cerebrally) to choose a more imaginative title.

Let me see if I can help....

1. Sharknado 2: The Jaws of Deja Vu
2. Sharknado 2: The Winds of Wrath
3. Sharknado 2: Human Carnage in The Jet Stream
4. Sharknado 2: High Speed Tracheotomies
5. Sharknado 2: Assotomies Galore
6. Sharknado 2: I Left My Balls in The Big Apple
7. Sharknado 2: My Girlfriend is Now a B Cup
8. Sharknado 2: My Ex-Boss is Scattered Everywhere
9. Sharknado 2: Eat as You Go
10. Sharknado 2: Family Buffet

This is not rocket science, SyFy Channel. It's not difficult to display a little imagination here and there at your cable network.

"The Second One??" Holy Crap, what a lame ass title!! One of the many reasons why SyFy Channel is the worst cable channel in history!! No imagination and no inspired thinking whatsoever!!

At the very least the SyFy Channel should try and grab the moment of what little success "Sharknado" has brought them and try and have fun with the sequel title to their stupid movie!! After all, below average success like this doesn't bite the SyFy Channel in the ass everyday!!


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