Saturday, June 13, 2015

So The Punchline Is..."NBC-Universal" Just Didn't Have Access To The Resources Available To "CBS - Digital"...Including Experienced Personnel

...And yet something went terribly wrong with the widescreen modifications to the...."Battlestar 1978"....series. Blurry imaging is a common complaint. CBS-Digital should have handled this job, not these neophytes at NBC-Universal.

Film doesn't degrade and colors don't lose their vibrancy if movies are taken care of in the first place and properly stored in moisture free environments by movie studios. These neophytes who really didn't know what they were doing in the first place were also faced with the impossibly extra burden of trying to clean up..."Saga of a Star World"....(Battlestar's pilot episode)....after Universal Studios hadn't been taking care of and storing it properly for 37 years. The film degradation and loss of color vibrancy was due to Universal Studios intentional neglect more than likely. Given their historically bad attitude towards..."Battlestar 1978"....across the entire spectrum of..."You name it".....

1....And where is the still missing footage (lots of it) to..."Saga of a Star World?" Particularly the scene where Starbuck confronts Col. Tigh on the bridge demanding to know why the Galactica pulled out of battle.

2...and Adama announcing..."General Quarters" addition to...."Battle Stations Drill"....

3..and Rigel announcing space distances never heard regularly...."Enemy closing 85 Microns"....

4...and the entire subplot involving the..."Ovion Queen"....

5....and Baltar surveying the ruins of someone's home on...."Caprica"....

6...and all of the ABC-TV promos voiced by Ernie Anderson advertising..."Saga of a Star World"...12 in all?

Yes, the past has finally caught up with Universal Studios in order to haunt them.


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