Monday, June 8, 2015

The TV Shows May Change On The SyFy Channel But The Wardrobe Never Does

TV Show: Dark Matter / SyFy
Time Frame: The Far Future

Basic Wardrobe Fabric - Black and Grey Leather
Wardrobe Components - Leather pants, leather vests, t shirts, leather jackets no doubt
Weaponry: Ammo firing, contemporary guns...swords (light sabers?)

TV Show: Killjoys / SyFy
Time Frame: The Far Future

Basic Wardrobe Fabric - Black / Blue / Grey Leather
Wardrobe Components - Leather jackets, leather jumpsuits
Weaponry - Ammo firing, contemporary guns

TV Show: Olympus / SyFy
Time Frame: The Fabricated Ancient Past
Basic Wardrobe Fabric - What else? Grey / Brown Leather
Wardrobe Components - Leather Togas / Leather Capes / Leather Straps / Leather Bracelets
Weaponry - What else? Swords and maybe a cannon or two

Thank God that bargain basement (clip your coupons)..."Army Surplus Store"....and local shopping mall are always close by the..."SyFy Channel"....soundstages in Vancouver, British Columbia for every new..."SyFy Channel"....production, right?

In all three of these productions, only a subtle rearranging of wardrobe components occurred.


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