Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Scant Copies Of The First Two "Sharknado" Movies Currently Bouncing Around Walmart Stores Here And There (Average Price $5.00) Are About To Be Joined By "Sharknado 3."

Who keeps financing this drivel on The SyFy Channel that keeps flopping again and again? And then flops again and again not selling at Walmart!!

Who are these movies for anyway? Not mass market audiences that's for sure. They don't even know these movies exist!!

This is all about the SyFy Channel's only demographic, isn't it? Hillbilly trash in small numbers. These are the people who think...."Maury Povich" classy television, "SyFy" is a classy way to spell Science Fiction, and having your television with rabbit ears tuned in to the..."WWE Marathons"....on...."SyFy"....all day long is great background noise during the reception in your living room after you just married your cousin. Idea inspired by Maury Povich reruns.

Judd: "Say Jeb, 'Sharknado 3' is coming up."

Jeb: "Should I batten down the hatches?"

Judd: "No you crow's foot!! On the telly-vision!! On that thar SyFy!!"

Jeb: "The first two..."Sharknado"...movies had me pissing!!"

Judd: "Everything has you pissing you 30 year old 5th grade graduate!! Now, run along now and try and neuter the dog with the sledgehammer!!"


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