Monday, June 1, 2015

Bottom Line? There Is No "Sharknado" Franchise. Just Two Low Rated Movies About To Be Joined By a Low Rated Third

Yes, the... "SyFy Channel's Programming Department".... and its programmers continue to live in their imaginary world of make believe ratings juggernauts, the erroneous notion that crappy programming leads to mass market acceptance, the erroneous notion that..."Twitter" ground zero for secret and future programming successes, the erroneous notion that having decision makers working for the SyFy Channel with no talent, imagination, or inspired thinking (probably all hired on the cheap) is a good thing, the erroneous notion that never having a discernible, locked down identity for your on-air cable channel isn't bad for business in the grand scheme of things, and the erroneous notion that it isn't a bad thing if previous SyFy Channel horror movies (if any of them manage to make it to DVD at all) end up being sold for $5.00 or less on last thing NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel's already extremely shaky reputation with.... "Battlestar Galactica"....Science Fiction..., and..... Horror.... needs.


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