Monday, June 29, 2015

Since This Blog Always Dares To Be Different With "Stealth Marketing Free" Bluntness, Let's Just Come Right Out And Say Something Else


Universal Studios doesn't have a..."Battlestar Galactica Franchise".....It doesn't have one because it never built one. 37 years of hating this property at every turn as they have resulting in them sabotaging this property at every turn has not built a...."Battlestar Galactica Franchise".....for them. Universal Studios hasn't built a franchise for themselves out of this property....Ronald D. Moore never built a franchise for them out of this property....Lord knows Bryan Singer has never lifted a finger to build a franchise for them out of this property.

What we have had instead is a corporation (Universal Studios) that has never known the value of what it has had within its grasp with this property because Universal management has never been bright enough to realize it.

37 years of empty air... (Universal Studios doing nothing while hating this property)....combined with every aspect of merchandising related to this property sabotaged on purpose by Universal Studios (VHS tapes, DVDs, books)....combined with Ronald D. Moore really not doing anything at all or anything constructive with the property....combined with one fake movie press release after another for 15 consecutive years...combined with endless (decades) of legal bottlenecking (clogging) with the late Glen A. Larson...combined with non-stop Universal Studios stealth marketing trashing the property to this very day....has rendered this property totally impotent in becoming a franchise. That could always still change if Universal Studios were completely removed from the picture to make way for better owners who would know better than to sabotage the property on purpose at every turn and from multiple vantage points at once as Universal Studios has done for 37 consecutive years.

The...."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....isn't a franchise yet because of the continued horrific mismanagement of it by Universal Studios.


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