Friday, June 12, 2015

With a Watered Down And Thoroughly Bland Brand Name (Station Name) Like "SyFy", Is It Any Wonder Why Nothing This Network Puts On The Air Resonates With The Public?

Yes, many moons ago this used to be a..."Science Fiction Channel"....

...Until a clown car came along filled with business buffoons (from Universal Studios) who turned this channel into an ambiguous...can't be nailed down in identity definition....watered down.....bland saturated.....imagination starved....good idea about nothing....nothing important....nothing in particular....cable network....that feeds on its own feces of watered down and bland ambiguity in everything it does.

To this channel...Science Fiction is nothing more than a punch line of served up piping hot garbage and cliches dispensed at a drive-thru window with nary a customer in sight.

What this channel always tries to pass off as Science Fiction really isn't Science Fiction because once what was formerly (Science Fiction) emerges from the anal end of the..."SyFy Corporate Meat Grinder" turns into clichĂ© saturated....stereotype saturated ("our programming is for geeks")....watered down, dumbed down....bad ideas galore...stolen ideas galore...crappy attempts at Science Fiction.

Every other (shudder) type of programming this channel fails at is a catastrophe as well. "C.S.I." reruns...lame brained movies from the "USA Film Vaults"...wrestling.....a game show for alcoholics...horror movies. None of this garbage sticks to the wall and makes a favorable, lasting impression because at some point during the evolution of the (shudder) corporate consciousness of the SyFy was decided either intentionally or unintentionally that talented and imaginative people would not be lured to the channel for hiring. Certainly a pre-requisite for putting attractive and compelling programming on the air mass market audiences would be drawn to.

One gets the impression(s) that the idiots who work in the programming department of the SyFy Channel got there through...

1. Nepotism
2. Networking
3. Stumbling into a job
4. Mutual cynicism towards all things Science Fiction
5. Laziness
6. Arrogance

...and not through a genuine love or knowledge of all encompassing Science Fiction.

This channel (SyFy) has always had the overpowering stench of...."I know someone of someone else of so and so who got me a job at SyFy. As for Science Fiction....I hate it!!"


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