Monday, July 13, 2015

All That Is Wrong With Science Fiction DVD / Blu-Ray Releases Continues To Be Perpetrated Solely By Universal Studios

The release of..."Lost in Space"....on DVD / Blu-Ray illustrates the perfect point of how a classic science fiction television series should be released to the general public:

1. Nice, clean, and attractive box art.
2. Transfers free of excessive damage due to proper storage and care for decades.
3. A..."Disc Replacement Program"....not needing to be set-up to replace screwed up discs.

This is how Universal Studios releases classic science fiction television series to the general public:

1. Repulsive, disgusting, and unattractive box art.
2. Transfers showing decades of storage neglect even after half ass transfer restoration attempts.
3. A..."Disc Replacement Program"...always necessary for Universal Studios screwed up discs.

Universal Studios has simply never played well with...Science Fiction....and...."Battlestar Galactica." It remains no different in 2015.


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