Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I See The SyFy Channel Still Has Balls The Size of Cantaloupes (The Nerve) To Be Showing Itself at Science Fiction Conventions After...

1. Not identifying itself as a Science Fiction channel for years and years.

2. Being openly hostile towards Science Fiction and Batlestar fans on the old and now defunct forum.

3. At best, being only a Science Fiction channel presently 30% of the time.

4. Still having all too frequent lapses of non-Science Fiction programming (Wrestling, "C.S.I. Reruns") that always out numbers its Science Fiction content.

5. Admitting publicly that although it was supposed to be a Science Fiction channel all along regardless of highs and lows in marketing trends...that the presence of Science Fiction content on its channel always depends entirely upon (a) What the other cable channels are doing with Science Fiction, and (b) trends favoring Science Fiction in the overall marketplace.

6. The SyFy Channel's still....etched in stone....prejudices against Science Fiction fans and its insistence at this late date of always referring to them as...."Geeks"....instead of what they really are...."Science Fiction Fans."


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