Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh Shit. There Goes The Neighborhood.

Yes, in 2010..."Time Life"....released its superb complete series set of..."Six Million Dollar Man"...The set was magnificent because Universal Studios had absolutely nothing to do with the manufacturing process. It was all..."Time Life." Because of this, the complete series set was flawless in every way. So much so, that awarded the..."Time Life Set"...its proud..."DVD Collectors Award"...for best box set of the time.

Thank God I kept my..."Time Life" set because Universal Studios now wants to release..."Six Million Dollar Man"...complete series through their disastrous TV-DVD wing, where the bad things always happen to classic television series released by Universal Studios. Screwed up box art ("Battlestar Definitive Collection" - Blu Ray)....Screwed up transfers ("Adam - 12"..."Night Gallery"...."Battlestar Complete Epic Series - 2003"...."Universal Classic Monsters")....Screwed up and cracked discs ("Battlestar Complete Epic Series - 2003")

As for this upcoming complete series release of..."Six Million Dollar Man"...from Universal Studios, no one should go near it with a ten foot cattle prod because there WILL BE something seriously wrong with this release. Seek out copies of the..."Time Life" set instead still floating around.


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