Tuesday, July 21, 2015

If Anything, The Present Day Clowns And Poorly Disguised "Has Been Politicians" Of The Republican Party (Michele Bachman, Ann Coulter) Have Found a Home Doing Cameos In The Embarrassing "Sharknado" Movies


Let me guess. Donald Trump will be the next big cameo in the unasked for, low rated, and thoroughly unnecessary..."Sharknado 4." He has all of the qualifications to be in a..."Sharknado"...movie:

1. Never taken seriously as a politician.

2. Never made it and never will make it through a Republican presidential elimination process (Michele Bachman, Ann Coulter.)

3. A TV personality in the cheesy mold of David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce, and David Hasselhoff.

4. Will no doubt think that being in a..."Sharknado"...movie will be a momentary career booster.


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