Friday, July 10, 2015

What The Heck Is The SyFy Channel Doing At "Comic Con?"

The SyFy Channel has admitted on numerous occasions that it is not a Science Fiction channel. It has also demonstrated this fact repeatedly with...."C.S.I."....reruns...."Wrestling"....and crappy horror movies ("Sharknado".) SyFy is even listed in...."Wikipedia" being a non-Science Fiction, basic cable channel.

So, why is the SyFy Channel at...."Comic Con 2015?".... Why is it ever at...."Comic Con?" To peddle its would be Science Fiction programming that only ever populates its daily schedule 1% of the time? SyFy has never belonged at "Comic Con" and never will. It simply is out of place there. It would be just as much out of place attending an...."ESPN Network Convention."..... SyFy should in...any information it would like spread around at...."Comic Con" knowing its place in life would be to everyone's benefit. Its presence at...."Comic Con"...just creates confusion as would the presence of...."ESPN".....there.

And the..."SyFy Channel Café" doing so well, isn't it? It's EMPTY!!


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