Sunday, August 9, 2015

At One Time Or Another...Steve Guttenberg, David Hasselhoff, and Edward James Olmos Were All Recruited For SyFy Channel Projects

...And then went right back to not doing much of anything else. A real career builder this SyFy Channel is...isn't it? (A round of applause for the "Yahoos" working in the SyFy Channel programming department.)

Of course, out of the three...Edward James Olmos has done the most damage to his own career with that patented and stock footage...."Frown / Scowl"....of his. Frowning in every role you have had ("GINO" - Galactica in Name Only)...."Miami Vice"..."Blade Runner"...and..."Wolfen"...doesn't exactly make your name stand out for potential new projects in the eyes of casting directors all over Hollywood. Olmos typecast himself with his career long frowning...The character actor most likely to be rejected by mass market audiences in even minor / supporting roles. Well, there's always regional..."Dinner Theater"...for...."Manic / Depressive / Undiagnosed Bi-Polar"...audience members.


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