Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Suspect This Movie In And Of Itself Has Been The Visual And Story Blueprint For Every "Outer Space Themed" Television Series On The SyFy Channel For Years

The dark jumpsuits...The outer vests usually made of leather....ridiculously over sized weaponry...."The Grim Faced Mission!!".....Inevitable death for at least a quarter of the characters...Some big-boobed..."Hotsy Totsy" there somewhere who talks like she has a "Masters Degree in Physics"...but the body of a..."Cheap Tart" a strip club. Momentary pauses in the explosions and firefights for some...."Pseudo Psychological Jibber Jabber"....that means absolutely nothing in any language or any realm of thought but the scriptwriter always seems to think otherwise for some indecipherable reason....Hyperkinetic film editing when the firefights start....The leading man who holds it all together psychologically while everyone else around him is going insane. The..."Cheap Tart"....manages to hold her intellect together as well along with the leading man so they both can start breeding together off screen...when the movie ends....while the closing credits are rolling....


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