Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Universal Studios Endless Self - Consolation Amid Its Endless Screw Ups With "Battlestar Galactica 1978" Has Been Stretched To The Limit Like a Rubber Band Going No Further

Is Universal Studios actually patting itself on the back for a crappy transfer job like this? It may comfort them but no one else. Certainly not the ones in the public domain who could have turned this into a best seller if it also at the very least had attractive box art.

If this were any other corporation and the..."Battlestar Blu-Ray"...set turned out in this poor condition to this degree of severity....I would assume it was an honest mistake because there would have been a mass recall of this set due to the multiple issues with it.

But, since we're talking about Universal Studios here....the copyright owners of..."Battlestar 1978"...for the past 37 years...a studio that has packed a lot of..."Eccentric Incidents"....(like this screwed up Blu-Ray set) into those 37 years....this Blu-Ray set is nothing more than yet another screwed up byproduct of Universal Studios endless list of..."Eccentric Incidents"...involving..."Battlestar 1978"....

"Eccentric Incidents"...which have been the norm for Universal Studios style of management (a wrecking ball) with the..."Battlestar 1978"....series.

1. Why wasn't there a mass recall of this Blu-Ray set? There have been multiple complaints (even amid the stealth marketing paid for reviews of praise on for this Blu-Ray set) involving how screwed up the wide screen transfers were for this set. Lack of visual clarity, ghosting, heavy grain, etc.

2. The crappy box art alone for this screwed up Blu-Ray set justified a mass product recall.

3. The video above highlights what Universal Studios has always been best at: Claiming to know how to do something when in fact they really don't. NBC-Universal has claimed for years to know how to run what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel...but look at the God forsaken mess that has always been the SyFy Channel.

4. From the video above, it looks NBC-Universal doesn't have and never had a digital restoration department of the stature of CBS-Digital. Instead, it just looks like a few guys (hired on the cheap) set up makeshift shop in the NBC-Universal basement (ordinarily a parking garage)...and with no skills or experience in digital film restoration...took a spin at trying to restore..."Battlestar 1978" a professional looking level. They certainly failed with the widescreen transfers, didn't they?

5. To the degree that Universal Studios has neglected the..."Battlestar 1978"....series in all aspects of its ownership for 37 should come as a surprise to no one that the film elements have been rotting and decaying the extent that the..."Battlestar 1978"....series needs more of a thorough and professional restoration than the three amateur clowns in the video above could ever provide.

6. In the 37 year long neglect of these film elements, Universal Studios (not surprisingly) has..."cough" the process of doing so, misplaced a good chunk of the still missing deleted scenes / footage / film elements to the..."Battlestar 1978"....pilot episode. Footage still unaccounted for...

a. Actor Jim Peck as an alternate newscaster on..."Caprica"...also reporting on the peace talks just like Jane Seymour.

b. Starbuck storming the bridge (immediately after crash landing and arguing with Athena) demanding to know from Col. Tigh why the "Galactica" pulled out of battle.This scene occurs immediately after Col. Tigh says..."My God."

c. The scene (in its entirety) of the..."Council of 12"....segueing from discussing Adama's resignation, to Sire Uri hoarding food, to discussing the passage to Carillon. Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer standing there the entire time culminating with Apollo interrupting the meeting to discuss the..."Nova of Madagon"....

d. The subplot involving the Ovion Queen and the Imperious Leader in cahoots with one another plotting the end of humankind on the planet Carillon.

e. Extra footage of the aliens in the Carillon casino.

g. Baltar surveying the devastation on the planet..."Caprica"....immediately after the Cylon attack. This no doubt occurs before or after Baltar gets briefed by the two Cylons about..."Prisoners being taken near the Spacedrome."

7. All of this missing footage should have been located, rounded up, cleaned up, and put on DVD / Blu-Ray a decade ago.


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