Sunday, August 23, 2015

How Many Scenes Are Still Missing From "Saga of a Star World" Due To Universal Studios Typical Negligence With The "Battlestar 1978" Series?

Still Missing Scene #1:

Baltar surveying the ruins of the planet Caprica after the Cylon attack. From the way he is dressed and the color of the sky behind him...I would say Baltar is surveying the ruins of Commander Adama's home moments before Adama and Apollo arrived there to mourn the loss of Adama's wife and Apollo's mother. The fact that he is in the ruins of Adama's home immediately after the Cylon attack at all indicates that he had a personal vendetta against Adama in addition to his overall vendetta for selling out the human race. He is observing his handiwork. This could also be moments before the two Cylon Centurions inform him that...."forces have taken prisoners near the Spacedrome"...

Still Missing Scene #2:

Starbuck and Boomer engaging in additional conversation with the Gemini Freighter survivors not seen in the final cut of the film or anywhere else.

Still Missing Scene #3:

Jane Seymour (Serina) wasn't the only colonist newscaster reporting on the signing of the armistice. Actor Jim Peck also did newscasting duties in...."Saga of a Star World".....

Still Missing Scene #4: 

Immediately after crash landing his Viper and being embraced by Athena, Starbuck storms the bridge demanding to know why Adama pulled the Galactica out of battle. Occurs immediately after Omega says..."We're the only surviving Battlestar"....and Tigh replies...."My God"....No visual documentation but known to have been filmed.

Still Missing Scene #5:

On the bridge, immediately after Athena weeps...."They trusted us to protect them and we..." Adama follows Athena and tries to comfort her while removing her tears. 

Still Missing Scene (s) #Numerous

a. An entire subplot involving the Ovion Queen (Queen Lotay) plotting with the Imperious Leader to do away with the humans. No visual documentation but known to have been filmed.

b. A portion of this scene is on the DVD set. Adama discusses his resignation with the council which segues into a discussion of Sire Uri hoarding food which segues into Apollo discussing Carillon and the Nova of Madagon. Filmed in its entirety.

c. Starbuck helping stranded colonists board the escape ships. A scene from this segment known to have been filmed exists on one of the...."Topps Bubblegum Cards"....from 1978.

d. Additional footage of Cylons chasing Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Serina, and Boxey across that bridge. Some of it is seen in the...."Remembering Battlestar Galactica"....documentary on the Blu-Ray and DVD sets.

e. Adama announcing...."General Quarters"....interrupting Starbuck's card game.

f. Rigel announcing additional..."Micron Distances"....never heard due to editing cuts. 

g. Footage of buttons being pressed on the bridge moments before Apollo and Zac's Vipers launch.

h. Additional footage of Starbuck and Boomer disembarking from the Landram on Carillon.

It's a safe bet that there is still a good 25 minutes still missing from..."Saga of a Star World."

The question is rhetorical but I'll ask it anyway....What has Universal Studios done with all of this extra footage?


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