Monday, August 24, 2015

"Saga Of a Star World" Without a Doubt, Has The Most Unused And Never Seen Footage Of a Television Pilot In History

Remember in my previous post I stated there was a missing scene of "Starbuck" assisting remaining stranded colonists? And the scene was represented on a..."Topps Bubblegum Card?"....Here it is!! "Starbuck" is either helping these colonists board the refugee ships from a planet surface...or helping them board shuttles for the waiting refugee ships in planet orbit....or helping them board shuttles for immediate transport to the..."Galactica"....

What is "Starbuck" looking at? He's looking at something in yet another deleted scene from..."Saga of a Star World"....

More of Jim Peck as a Caprican newscaster experiencing the same devastation that Serina  (Jane Seymour) did while Caprica was being bombed.

There was more to the Ovion shuttle ride when Apollo, Jolly, and Serina were abducted shortly after Boxey was also abducted. Here they are disembarking.

And moments later they are escorted across that bridge to the Ovion Queen and the waiting Boxey, Boomer, and Starbuck.

Another angle of the group making their way to Queen Lotay's chambers.

More of Starbuck and Apollo in the Gemini Freighter checking on the status of the colony survivors.

More to Starbuck and Athena's scene in the landing bay immediately after Starbuck crash lands.

Bridge personnel monitoring something in this unseen scene from...."Saga of a Star World"....

Moments before Commander Adama announces..."General Quarters".....


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