Monday, August 17, 2015

The Corporation And Cable Network (NBC-Universal, SyFy) Responsible For Some Of The Worst Movies Ever Made Including "Sharknado"...

....Is passing judgement on those film directors who apparently creatively failed with their movies via a link on the web site??....

Isn't also owned by NBC-Universal?

1. And since when were the two..."Spiderman"....reboot movies failures of some sort? They both did well at the box office, were well received by critics, and some Spidey fans preferred them to the Sam Raimi... "Spiderman".... flicks. So, in what sense does NBC-U / SyFy regard these films as failures?

2. Whether or not..."John Carter" a creative failure of some sort is a matter of taste. It's still infinitely better than any piece of crap NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel have ever come up with. This corporation can't even get its shit together after 15 or so years of repeatedly announcing a new..."Battlestar Galactica" via endless fake press releases and actually make one. At least the directors they are criticizing actually made their movies for public consumption.

After the..."15 Year Train Wreck"....that has been the.... "Sci-Fi / SyFy Channel".... under.... "NBC / Comcast / Vivendi's - Universal Studios".... laughable mismanagement of it....The last thing this corporation should want to do at this point is throw stones at anyone from any direction. Especially after..."Pooping Out"....the likes of..."Sharknado"...."Blind Date"....."Maury Povich"...."Wrestling"...."GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)...."Caprica"...."Z Nation"...."Helix"...."Sciography"...."Haunted Highway"....."Ghost Hunters".....and...."Sharktopus."


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