Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The SyFy Channel Remains Adrift At Sea With Bad Management, Lacking a Discernible On-Air Identity, And...Bad Management


Fragments...bits...pieces....cross sections of junk in all of its programming never unifying into a singular whole...Wrestling here, a binge drinking show there....Bad producing and writing in all of its crappy horror movies including..."Sharknado"....The worst programming ideas in television history to come out of the..."SyFy Channel Programming Department"....The most..."Identity Avert"....cable channel in history....The most..."Resources Parched"...cable channel in history (never having access to... "A-List"...talent in channel management, television show programming and producing / writing, and the financial resources necessary to pull it all off.) A self promotional, non-stop stealth marketing machine always in love with its own below average mediocrity and staggering lack of talent in all aspects of television programming...the only difference between the crappy..."SyFy Channel"....and a crappy high school stage play are the ages of those involved.

Res Ipsa Loquitur!!


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