Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can We Expect Another "Extracurricular Hoax" From Universal Studios Related To The "1978 Battlestar Galactica" Series In Addition To Its "Biennial" Fake "Battlestar 1978" Movie Press Releases Some Time This Year?


At Comic - Con 2014...

Eddie: (Bronx accent) - "I saw it over there." (Pointing his index finger arm stretched out.)

Danny: (Bronx accent) - "I thought I saw it over there." (Pointing his index finger in the opposite direction.)

Phil: (Bronx accent) - "Hey wise guys, what's going on?"

Danny: (Bronx accent) "Where did you see the new..."Battlestar"....trailer?

Phil: (Bronx accent) "Up there, in my hotel room." (Points his index finger straight up at the ceiling.)

Bill: (Bronx accent) "Hey gents, have any of you seen Bigfoot?"

"Over There!!" (Combined Bronx accents) They all point in the same direction. Left by the way.

Surely we have some...Bronx...natives among the ranks of Universal Studios executives, right? (Evil Grin!!)

At the very least in the Universal Studios...."Battlestar 1978"....merchandising department!! (Evil, Evil, Grin!!)...

Universal Studios Executive #1: "I like da' shitty color scheme over dere!!"

Universal Studios Executive #2: "No, I like da' shitty color scheme over dere!!"


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