Saturday, February 6, 2016

One of The Tragedies of Universal Studios Mismanaging "Saga of a Star World" On Purpose For 38 Consecutive Years, Is That Viewers Missed Out On Vital Story Footage Involving John Colicos As "Baltar"

Without a doubt...the late John Colicos as.... "Baltar"....provided..."Battlestar Galactica"....with the most incredible villain any series could hope for.

In the scene above...."Baltar" no doubt surveying the surface of...."Caprica"....after the...."Cylon"... attack. This scene no doubt occurring right before or right after..."Baltar" informed by..."Cylon Centurions"....that..."Prisoners have been taken near the.... "Spacedrome"....

Another great scene Universal Studios no doubt tossed in the trash heap (original negative and all) decades ago.

Nice going....Universal Studios!!



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