Thursday, February 11, 2016

In Less Than 24 Hours, This "Fake Battlestar Movie" Announced By Universal Studios Has Been Downgraded From..."Is Happening"...To..."Could Be Happening"

1. Endless Contradictions

2. Many times these contradictions occurring in the same article and even in the same paragraph

3. An overwhelming sense of...."Glacial Non-Commintment"...from Universal Studios in all of these..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases"...Universal Studios keeps spewing forth.

4. No editing of contradictory information in the very same article in all of these sloppily written...."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases"...from Universal Studios.

5. Of all of the..."Corporate Winos"....on the streets, Universal Studios is always the one that is passed out the most. 

These are all of the disgusting and shameful characteristics of the typical..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"...from Universal Studios.

"The classic sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica could be heading to screens once more."

"Could be?" This is certainly a downgrade from yesterday, isn't it? A mere 24 hours ago, it was....."Is"....heading to the big screen.

Universal Studios can't even get its fake information straight from one of its... "Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases.... with fake information to the next!!

When a corporation (Universal Studios) is only capable of surviving on a sustenance of obsessive /compulsive lying always linked to the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica"....series...maybe that's something the...Universal Studios Shareholders....and a... professional team of psychiatrists.... might want to start taking a serious look at. Start weeding them (Universal Studios executives) all out....beginning with...."Ink Blot Tests"....

So, we now begin the long journey in the months and years ahead, where no pre-production will be done for this supposed movie because it is in fact  in reality, not a real movie on anyone's production schedule. No casting will be done. No sets will be built. No word about this movie will be heard from ever again by anyone. And I rest my case once again!!......

After issuing yet another..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"...for the umpteenth time,Universal Studios can't even pencil a..."Battlestar 1978" into its own upcoming production schedule to make it seem authentic, even temporarily!! Such an addition to its production schedule would be the logical next step after the fake press release, wouldn't it? Even if it would be just a fake entry to complete the unconvincing illusion.

It never goes beyond the fake press release!! That's just how screwed up this corporation always is!!


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