Friday, February 5, 2016

Was The Beheading of "Baltar" Actually Filmed For "Saga of a Star World" - The Pilot Episode of The "1978 Battlestar Galactica" Series?

Ummm....according to this film still....Yes.

Once again this blog committed to its endless quest of uncovering all of the missing footage from..."Saga of a Star World"...Universal Studios has either intentionally destroyed over the years, or allowed to vanish inadvertently on purpose. (Universal was always looking the other way on purpose every time chunks of never before seen footage from..."Saga of a Star World"....were being tossed into the rear dumpsters on the Universal lot, no doubt due to its legendary notorious mismanagement of this property.

"Baltar"....beheaded on camera. Imagine that!! Universal Studios and ABC-TV in cahoots with one another really trashed this pilot episode even before it originally aired on September 17th, 1978...Imagine that!!


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