Saturday, February 20, 2016

Isn't It Interesting How The "Latest Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie" Announced By Universal Studios via "Fake Press Release" Has Pretty Much Vanished From The Various Search Engines?

We've all known one of the real reasons behind these..."Fake Battlestar Press Releases"...all along. A symptom of Universal Studios inability to manage this property all along (for 38 consecutive years) and thus never should have owned it at all...all of this time. So they do with the property only what they have known how to do as a consequence...They mismanage it on purpose....releasing crappy merchandise on purpose (the..."Battlestar"...Blu-Rays)....and releasing..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases...

But this time Universal Studios....Latest Fake Battlestar Galactics Movie Press Release"....has pretty much vanished rather quickly from the Internet. What happened? I would never be so bold as to subscribe any degree of..."Moral Character" Universal Studios in the form of them issuing to themselves a..."Retraction"....of this..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Release"....they keep reissuing every two years. That would be a..."Cosmic Impossibility"....for Universal Studios to have any degree of..."Moral Character""Self Police"....themselves in such a way. But it is curious how this..."Fake News Story"...of theirs....a..."Staple"....of this studio going back all but gone from the Internet a short time later.

What's up? Does Universal Studios somehow...."Renew its Condo Lease"..(so to speak) on this property every two years with its endless...."Fake Press Releases"....? And most recently there was a..."Glitch" its most recent renewal prompting them to quickly remove this most recent...."Fake News Story"...of theirs from the Internet?


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