Sunday, February 14, 2016

What Are Michael DeLuca And Scott Stuber Doing Right Now (Really) Instead Of Working On a "Battlestar 1978" Movie?

No, Michael DeLuca and Scott Stuber aren't working on a..."Battlestar Galactica 1978" right now.

Instead, Michael DeLuca and Scott Stuber are probably worrying about how much...."Paprika"....customers have on their...."Ravioli" the upper scale...."Beverly Hills Restaurant"....they both probably in actuality own (full time)...

Because Michael DeLuca and Scott Stuber in addition to not looking like legitimate film producers, both look like they could never...ever...get a..."Battlestar 1978" off of the ground no matter how hard they tried. They instead, both look like nothing more than the latest (and typical)..."Figureheads"....Universal Studios has plugged into its latest and fake...."Battlestar Galactica 1978"..... movie announcement.

If Michael DeLuca and Scott Stuber were legitimate film producers, these are probably the sorts of..."A # 1 Priority Movies"....(for them) they would probably be working on (for Universal Studios) instead of a..."Battlestar 1978" just based upon how they look as people....

1. "The Purge - Part 12"
2. "Fast & Furious - Part 18"
3. "Hooker Waitresses at The Truck Stop"
4. "Illegal Dog Fighting"
5. Any movie starring Dwayne Johnson
6. "Parachuting Snipers in Afghanistan"
7. "Things That Go 'Boom' In a War"
8. "Backfiring Pistol Murders"
9. "Wild West Brawlers"
10. "Urban Assault Airborne Weaponry (UAAW)"


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