Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Guess The SyFy Channel Considers Sundays To Be "Off Programming Days" For Viewers

Where it (The SyFy Channel) rolls out its usual junk from the..."Universal Studios Film Vaults" that special section labeled...."For The SyFy Channel: It's Not Even Good Enough For Public Viewing"....

The SyFy Channel probably assumes that viewers en masse wouldn't be watching its channel on a Sunday afternoon and evening anyway. So they roll out the junk pictured above on Sunday. Not that they ever had an overall huge viewership anyway.

We all know what the public does on Sundays when they aren't watching the junk pictured above on the SyFy Channel, right?

1. Sitting on the can with a stack of Playboys spanking hank.
2. Waxing their surf boards.
3. Rebuilding their transmissions.
4. Wives throwing their husbands out of the house.
5. Taking the local church faculty to the local ice cream parlor after church.

The SyFy Channel assumes this too!!


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