Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Much Ado About Nothing"...Continues To Be The Programming Reality of The SyFy Channel

SyFy Channel headquarters in New York, NY. No one notices, cares, or even takes a look at this cable network anymore.

Watched anything lately on the SyFy Channel? The resounding..."thud"....of a...."no" unfortunately the unanimous response of the mass market television audience having given up on this channel a good decade ago and has long since moved on to other accessible outlets of actual Science Fiction content (classic movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-Ray, Youtube, the other cable networks, and even local cable stations.)

What went wrong with this once great Science Fiction channel from the 1990's? The wrong corporation bought it, that's what. (Vivendi, Comcast, NBC-Universal) has always been the one corporation as far away from embracing any sorts of Science Fiction as a corporation can get. So, for the past almost 20 years of this incompatible and inharmonious ownership of the former Sci-Fi Channel by NBC-Universal, an ongoing..."comedy of errors in a big top circus center ring"....unfolded before viewers eyes before they were permanently alienated from this channel by the..."crackpot and crappy management decisions"....from NBC-Universal illustrating in gory detail every step of the way as to why Universal never should have bought this cable network in the first place.

Crappy reality programming, crappy horror movies and television shows, crappy... underwhelming attempts at actual Science Fiction programming, crappy magic shows, and crappy wrestling all endlessly and incompatibly zig-zagged within the SyFy Channel schedule spewing from the rear end of a poorly managed former Science Fiction cable network clearly suffering from an obvious diagnosis of not having a singular, discernible, and coherent on-air identity along with the overall crappy management. Even at this late date circa March 2016.

Promises of more and consistent Science Fiction continue to come from this..."John Doe Cable Channel"....but once the half hearted and underwhelming promises and attempts kick in temporarily, they soon vanish as quickly as when they first appeared. I will swear with my hand on the Bible that this broken cable channel is managed and operated by...Republicans...

These SyFy Channel programmers and high ranking management would blend in quite nicely with their Republican counterparts in Washington raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, attempting to gut what's left of Social Security, continuing to try and gut voting rights, environmental protection laws, condoning the illegal activities of Wall Street executives, and promoting zero accountability for Republican Governors who all break every conceivable law casually each and every day.

Another day another nickel not earned by the SyFy Channel.


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