Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Way SyFy Channel Executives Most Likely Conceive of Their Crappy Horror Movie Titles


SyFy Channel executives thinking up stupid horror movie titles to be shipped off to that horrid...."Asylum Films"....production company for actual movie development (if you want to call it that to be nice.)

It should be pointed out that SyFy Channel executives think up the titles to their horror movies first, and then construct their stupid horror movies around those stupid titles. Doing it via one word mixing and matching....

SyFy Exec #1: "OK gang...we only have four more titles to go!! Let's resume!!"

SyFy Exec #2: "Shark!!"

SyFy Exec #3: "Tornado!!"

SyFy Exec #4: "Sharknado!!"

SyFy Exec #1: "Good!! Continue!!"

SyFy Exec #2: "Frankenstein!!"

SyFy Exec #3: "Fish!!"

SyFy Exec #4: "Frankenfish!!"

SyFy Exec #1: "Good!! Continue!!"

SyFy Exec #2: "Western!!"

SyFy Exec #3: "Zombies!!"

SyFy Exec #4: "Dead 7!!"

SyFy Exec #1: "Dead 7?? Try again!!"

SyFy Exec #2: "Western!!"

SyFy Exec #3: "Zombies!!"

SyFy Exec #4: "Dread Pokes!!"

SyFy Exec #1: "Shaky, but I'll accept it!! Certainly better than 'Dead 7.' What the heck?"

SyFy Exec #2: "Octopus!!"

SyFy Exec #3: "Shark!!"

SyFy Exec #4: "Sharktopus!!"

SyFy Exec #1: "Good!! I'll send this latest batch of horror movie titles over to "Beaver" and "Snatch" at..."Asylum Films"....right away for development!!


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